WIll DonohoePhysiotherapist

My name is WIll Donohoe and I am a Registered Neuromusclar Physical Therapist, Manipulative Therapist & Sports Injury Therapist. Neuromuscular pain and injury clinic offers you a natural and drug-free approach to overcoming joint and muscular problems. Using a very “hands-on” approach, we identify and treat not only the symptoms, but in many cases, the underlying factors that may be causing the problem.
Each treatment is designed to suit you and your individual problem. We listen carefully to you and provide thorough consultation and assessment, to ensure that the most beneficial treatment is provided.

-National qualification in Neuromuscular and physical Therapy

-Orthopaedic Sports Massage Therapy

-Dry Needling (upper/lower limb)
-Advanced Dry Needling (cranial)
-electro Dry Needling

-Mobilisation & Manipulation of the Spine and Peripheral Joints

-Upper limb orthopaedic and neurological assessment

-Tapping and strapping

-Pilates instructor

The treatments @ Neuromusclar pain and injury clinic are;

-Physical therapy
-Deep tissue massage
-Manual therapy
-Soft tissue release
-Trigger point release treatment
-Muscle energy techniques
-Postural assessment and correction
-Positional release techniques
-Joint pain & mobilisation
-Dry Needling
-Electro Dry needling
-Spinal adjustments

Contact Information
Phone: 085-232-4553
Email: Neuromuscularpainclinic@gmail.com