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careers at westside

From front of house, to sales, marketing, and management, there are endless amounts of opportunities to grow here at Westside.

We wanted a top quality space, funky and unique that leads the way within the fitness industry. Not only did we want to change the face of the industry, we wanted to change the way fitness staff were treated too. We created a place that nurtured talents and skills, highlighted uniqueness and a place where staff are valued.

Westside continues to go from strength to strength. We are ever evolving and market leading. Westside has a strong team of individuals who are equally as proud and as passionate as we are!

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to join the Westside team?!

personal training at westside

“A good tool improves the way you work. A great tool improves the way you think”.

A state-of-the-art facility at your hands, it’s up to you, what you make of it. 

Join a varied and celebrated team of Ireland’s leading Personal Trainers, where you are your own boss, and anything goes. 

Become a part of a supportive atmosphere, where alone we all might be grafting, but our team aspect is what keeps us pushing on.


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